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ANYTHING FOR YOU by Kristan Higgins

A Blue Heron Novel
December 29th, 2015
Contemporary Romance
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4 Hearts

For Connor O’Rourke, falling in love with Jessica Dunn was easy. Getting her to not keep their on/off relationship a secret, well that takes more work. But when Connor decides enough of hiding how much he loves her, he proposes…except Jessica doesn’t say yes. Now Connor has to figure out how to live without the one woman who completes him heart and soul.

Jessica Dunn doesn’t believe in love or anything. Finding out that Connor wants to take their relationship to a whole new level leaves her chilled to the bone but when he tells her he has enough, Jessica walks away from Connor and finds her life empty except for her new job at Blue Heron Vineyard and her younger brother. But sometimes you have to take a chance that might get you hurt but what if you find the happiness that you ran from in the form of a man who has loved you- warts and all?

ANYTHING FOR YOU is a story full of laughter, tears and smiles. Author Kristan Higgins delivers a story that will leave you spellbound and breathless till the very end as you run the gauntlet of emotions, from cheering over Connor’s stance to Jessica to the ending that leaves you in tears and smiling. With the stroke of her pen, this author captured my heart and I was hard pressed in putting the latest Blue Heron book down for anything except bathroom breaks for an entire evening. It is that good! As I have read the Blue Heron series in fits, I found it easy to play catch up on all the characters and fell in love with everyone in Finger Lakes Wine Trail with ease. The author shifts emotions with ease, one minute your jaw drops with the twist you didn’t see coming to smothered laughter over a secondary character’s quips. This is an author who knows how to captivate her readers and steal their hearts-piece by piece.

Meet Connor and Jessica. Two people who are total opposites yet work so well together. Connor has loved Jessica forever it seems and now that he has her, even if it is a secret to everyone, he plans to make her his in all ways, especially since she just got that great job at the Blue Heron Vineyard. But love doesn’t run smoothly and as Connor finds out, Jessica feels that if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Now the gloves come off and Jessica has to figure out what she wants more than anything- her independence or the love of a man who loves her completely. These two characters just melted my heart. The scenes with Connor and Jessica trying to figure things out are an emotional roller coaster. We get to see their pasts as well as see how much their family and friends figure into their present. With the right amount of angst and emotion, Ms. Higgins delivers a story that equally charms and thrills you. The setting is lush and transcends the pages so that you are right along side the characters themselves. It’s the characters that really call to me. They are diverse, enjoyable and highly entertaining. This is an author who knows how to let them shine within the pages of her books. The secondary characters are equally as well written and entertaining as the main characters. Those scenes with Connor and his sister Colleen were a riot and I was laughing over their sibling antics like crazy.

ANYTHING FOR YOU is a story that stands on its own in the Blue Heron series but also ties in the rest of the books with it. You get to see the other main characters from past books and see where they are going in life as well as some sub-plots with a few secondary characters that intrigue the reader and made me hope for future stories with them. If you haven’t tried the Blue Heron series you can start with ANYTHING FOR YOU but I recommend starting with the first book, The Best Man, and go from there. It will give you an idea of all the central players in the series and the town. I found a new author to enjoy and can not wait for more from this author. I highly recommend this series and author for those lazy afternoons.

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