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THE FIXER by T.E. Woods

Publisher:     Alibi  
Published:     February 4, 2014
ISBN:       B00EBRU0OY
Genre:      Mystery
Format:    Ebook
Obtained via:  Publisher  
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Lydia Corriger is a psychologist.  She plays by the rules, runs her practice by the book.  She’s there for her clients—no matter what they’ve done—she is there for them.  When a woman named Savannah shows up, beyond wanting to help the woman who says she has hurt many people, she is intrigued.  What could this woman have done that she is beyond repair?  Beyond redemption? 

Meanwhile a Seattle detective gets a call from his son, a journalist on the trail of what could be a serial killer.  Who is this person called “the Fixer” who shows up, kills and disappears without a trace?  When people in Seattle start dying by strange means…undetectable methods with no clue who the killer is, Grant begins to wonder if somehow, some way, if the cases intersect.  When Lydia shows up at the police station asking questions that seem to relate, albeit it tenuously, to the murders popping up in Seattle, he begins to dig into Lydia’s past.  What he finds leads to more questions.  Just who is Lydia Corriger?

The Fixer, book 1 of T.E. Woods’s Justice series started out a fairly interesting read.  A bit choppy in the writing, but the way the Fixer shows up and completes the killings with no remorse, drew me in. But then the writing became choppier, disjointed and at the same time flat.  Too many characters with no rhyme or reason except to maybe create some red herrings.  I lost interest in reading it and put it aside for a few months.  When I picked it up again I was determined to finish it.  I’m glad I did.

The second half of the book takes off with the main characters becoming more fully developed and credible. I started to really like Lydia and when her issues and secrets are exposed, her motivations made clear she became a very interesting character.  The ending was a bit Lifetime Movie-ish, but it worked for what it was.  When I started the book I had no intention of continuing the series—after finishing it I’m ready to pick up Woods’s backlist and see where the character goes from here.

The crime itself has been done before—but Woods adds a really fun twist to it. If you pick it up—keep on reading.  It’s well worth the time if you’re looking for a good story.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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