Thursday, March 3, 2016

GRAVE WITCH by Kalayna Price


An Alex Craft Novel, Book 1
October 2010
Urban Fantasy
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase
3.5 Hearts

Grave Witch Alex Craft, speaking to the dead is as normal as can be for her. She just doesn’t have to like what they say half the time. When a routine job goes south, Alex finds she is drawn into a murder investigation that reeks of dark magic. But as Alex races to find the answers, she has to work with hunky homicide detective Falin Andrews, who just has as many secrets as Alex and then when an attempt is made on her life, Death seems to save her life. Now the race is on because the danger is striking closer than Alex even imagines and she finds herself not in just a battle for her life but also for her soul.

GRAVE WITCH is one wild ride from start to finish. With a heroine who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty to two fascinating love interests, Falin Andrews and Death himself. This is a new author for me to read I found their first book in the Alex Craft series to be an entertaining ride from start to finish. The characters are multi-dimensional, intriguing and quite life-like. I enjoyed the different characters and they meshed well with one another. But the main character, Alex, is one bad ass grave witch and one I fell in love with. She has issues, who doesn’t, but she tries to do the best she can while trying to solve cases for her clients as the best of her ability. What I really enjoyed about Alex was how she just kept on chugging away, trying to get answers to the myriad of questions that always seemed to pop out of nowhere and try to stay one step ahead of the evil that was determined to make sure she never solved the case. The author does a great job in creating a world where you can’t help but think about visiting, filled w ith normal people and magical people alike. What really set this first book apart from other first books in series was there was a gradual procession of information around Alex being given. There was no massive information dump at one time. That right there cemented this series as a one to read for me. I like first books in series but if an author does a major information dump through the whole book, it turns me off in a flash. Ms. Price does it gradually and subtly, I found myself intrigued even more by the spare moments where we got to see who Alex was and why she was like this.

GRAVE WITCH is a fun, entertaining ride that will keep you spellbound from start to finish. With the right amount of mystery, sexual tension and more, the author delivers a slam dunk introduction into her Alex Craft series. If you enjoy kick-ass heroine who can wield grave magic, fight bad guys and it’s minions and figure out just what one love interest steals her heart, well then give GRAVE WITCH a try. I guarantee you won’t want to put it down.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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