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Killer Instinct Series #7
Signet Books, February 2016
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN:  0451474430
ISBN13: 9780451474438
Romantic Suspense
*** ½

MIDNIGHT REVENGE is the seventh book in Elle Kennedy’s Killer Instinct series filled with an explosive mix of suspense, mystery, intrigue and action.

Derek “D” Pratt is by far the most intimidating of Jim Morgan’s mercenaries.  Even the men on his black ops team know not to ask about his past.  He has been off the grid for years when his teammate is mistaken for him and captured in his place.  Now Derek is forced out of hiding to rescue him.  But he isn’t prepared for Dr. Sofia Amaro, the woman he had a one night affair with months ago, but can’t seem to forget, that has somehow tracked him down to Mexico to let him know he is about to become a father.  Now he has not one, but two people to get out safely from one of the most dangerous places D has ever been.

Elle Kennedy’s MIDNIGHT REVENGE is a super-charged romantic military suspense that ventures a bit on the edgy side.  But it is that edge that makes the story so compelling.  Derek has had a very difficult and disturbing past and not come out of it unharmed.  He comes across quite cold and somewhat indifferent, but Sofia somehow manages to see through that to the man beneath.  She seemed to accept him warts and all and tried to make the best of every situation that arose.  This reader did find it a little odd that after the good doctor initially went in search of him and ran into one of his superiors, that superior happily sent a pregnant civilian into the middle of a dangerous mission the way she did even if she did know that D was fully capable of quick thinking. 

Still, the way Kennedy managed to balance the action and suspense with reluctant hero and the romance was wonderful and the pages simply fell away before you knew it.  Kudos to Ms. Kennedy for some really great story telling.  Readers looking for a bit of an edgy, brooding hero in need of saving by a patient and intelligent woman in the midst of tons of action and suspense are sure to enjoy Elle Kennedy’s MIDNIGHT REVENGE.  If you haven’t yet tried this series, this is the time.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."


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