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It’s a Wonderful Wife by Janet Chapman

Publisher:      Berkley       
Published:     August 25, 2015
ISBN:        978-0515155150
Genre:       Contemporary Romance
Format:     Print
Obtained via:  Publisher  
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Jesse is the last of the Sinclair brothers to marry and he has no intention of doing that.  No how, no way.  Oh, he wouldn’t mind the whole family thing and after seeing how happy his brother is with their Maine brides he’s giving it another think.  To that end he’s bought not just a house, but an entire island in Maine and has hired a local architect to build that dream home. When he first headed to Maine and his island he was taken by the quiet woman, Cadi, who sat there during the meetings.  And after he left, she stayed on his mind.  On his way back to his island and to check on the progress of his home, he comes across a truck burning on the side of the road.  After calling for help he continues on to find a woman walking down the road – carrying balloons.  To his delight the woman is the very one who has visited in his dreams the past few months – Cadi Glace.

Cadi Glace has been engaged for the past 3 years.  Not exactly to the man of her dreams, but it made her father happy and kept the townsfolks at bay.  Before she settles down for real she wants to see the world – and maybe find Mr. Right.  Then again, if she could pick her ideal Mr. Right, Jesse Sinclair would be first in line. But first things first—and seeing the world heads that list.

I normally love Janet Chapman’s books and while IT’S A WONDERFUL WIFE was a decent read, it was not one of her best.  The story seemed to drag and at times I got the feeling the author wasn’t much into it either.  More than once I had the sense that the third brother, Jesse, had to have a story, but that Chapman just couldn’t get in gear on it.  There were two intertwined premises to the story and both were good and they tied in decently – the book just didn’t have that special zip I’ve found in most of Chapman’s books. 

I loved the concepts of what would become Jesse’s house.  Very Frank Lloyd Wright-ish in design.  And the tidbits about just what the children would like were great.  Nathanial was a great character – I really liked him and wish there’d been more of him in the story.  I just never warmed up to Cadi or Jesse.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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