Friday, August 5, 2016

LOVING A LAWMAN by Amy Lillard

Publisher:      Signet  
Published:     June 5, 2016  
ISBN:        978-1101990933
Genre:       Contemporary Romance
Format:     Print
Obtained via:  Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Jessie McAllen has been in love with Chase Langston her whole life. From the day he rescued from the wild coyote and took care of her scrapped knees he’s held her heart.  Well okay, the coyote was actually a dog and not a dangerous one at that, but at 7 what can you say?  From that moment on she was Chase’s girl…even though Chase didn’t always see her as his one and only.  In fact, more often than not he treated her pretty bad.

Sheriff Seth Langston is at the point in his life where it’s getting on time to settle down.  There’s Darly Jo who has made herself more than available to him what with her casseroles and not so subtle suggestions they become a couple.  And then there’s high school girlfriend, Millie, who has returned to town.  And a host of others…but the one he wants, the one he knows is the only woman for him is out of reach.  He will not, under any circumstances, step between his brother Chase and his girl.

But when Chase turns his back on Jessie, Seth begins to find that no matter how much your head tells you “no”, your heart may not always listen…and sometimes we just have to listen to our hearts.

My first love in romance has always been westerns.  Primarily historical westerns, but I do enjoy a good contemporary western romance so how could I resist picking up Amy Lillard’s LOVING A LAWMAN.  The beginning was a lot of how hard Jessie McAllen’s life has been.  It became a bit too much.  For a twenty-something woman she seemed awful young to me.  But when her story started to unfold I began to admire her determination to do the right thing. 

Seth’s dilemma of falling for his brother’s girl was interestingly presented. Except for his interactions with her through their lives I didn’t see why he was so in love with her.  They just never connected with me.  I did enjoy the scenes with Darly Jo – haven’t we all had one of her in our lives?  And I liked Millie a lot.  Hopefully they will have more of a presence in future books. There were some solid hints about what was coming with Chase and Seth’s brother Jake – I’m looking forward to his story as well as just what happened with Chase and his most recent hook up.

LOVING A LAWMAN is not your action packed kind of western.  There are a couple of love scenes that would be appropriate for introducing a teen to romance. 

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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