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SHADOW SILENCE by Yasmine Galenorn


A Whisper Hollow Novel, Book 2
Berkley Publishing
September 27th, 2016
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by self-purchase
5 Hearts

Kerris Fellwater left Whisper Hollow fifteen years before she was drawn back to the town after her grandmother, the spirit shaman, died. Now taking over her duties as the spirit shaman of the town, Kerris finds that she is needed more than ever when her best friend Peggin finds herself under the curse of the Lady of the Lake. Now with her guardian and mate, Bryan, as well as a host of allies helping her, Kerris finds a deadly mystery while trying to figure out how to break the hex on Peggin. One that if the Hounds of Cu Chulainn had their way would stay buried forever by whatever cost necessary. Now Kerris needs to fight not just the Lady of the Lake but the dead in order to save Peggin and Whisper Hollow.

SHADOW SILENCE is the second book in a wild and wonderful new series by author Yasmine Galenorn. We met Kerris, Bryan and the rest of the residents of Whisper Hollow in the first book, Autumn Thorns, and I fell in love with this magnificent world the author has given her readers. This is a town where the dead roam; magic is fact of life and the strange and wonderful place that is Whisper Hollow. I got to admit I get chills reading these first two books. It has mystery, romance, paranormal aspects and more that just pushed all my love buttons at once. The characters are diverse mix of paranormal and human and the mystery that is Whisper Hollow is fascinating to learn piece by piece as the author delivers it to the readers with in SHADOW SILENCE. What really hooked me were the characters. I fell in love with Kerris and the gang right from the start and devoured Autumn Thorns then Shadow Silence. They are unique and well written, quite multi-dimensional to the point where I wanted to go see if I could find Whisper Hollow myself, just to see if the town would welcome me. The author does a fabulous job in capturing the personalities of all the characters-main and secondary ones-and keep them growing in the second book. With the deft hand, she creates a world we can not help but imagine, one we want to run to and live among the characters she has created.

SHADOW SILENCE picks up where the first book left off and it doesn’t slow down at all. Filled with mystery, steamy romance and character growth that draw the reader in, the story weaves a spell around you even as you are drawn more and more into the world that is Whisper Hollow. I am so in awe of this author and how she can create such complex worlds that just draw a reader in. Since the first time I picked up this author’s book, Witchling, I fell in love with their writing and SHADOW SILENCE was no exception. This is truly a master storyteller who knows how to weave a spell around their readers’ right from the start and give them something that they fall in love with.

If you haven’t read Autumn Thorns, I highly recommend you read that one before diving into SHADOW SILENCE as it gives much background of Kerris, the town and more. I found it helps make the second book a bit clearer as it mentions past events from that first book a few times. Even though this was the final book with this author’s publisher, the author assures her readers that the series will continue and has announced the next two books in the series. All I know is I want more from Whisper Hollow and this author and am hoping we are not waiting too long for the next book in a series that will knock your socks off.
If you enjoy paranormal suspense, romance and a different sort of paranormal world to explore, then try the Whisper Hollow series and you will find yourself transported by the end of chapter one. I am eager to see where she leads next in this amazing series and what else the author has in store for the readers to devour.

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