Saturday, February 4, 2017

Leopard's Fury by Christine Feehan

Publisher: Jove
Date published: November 2016
ISBN: 9780515156225
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Gabrielle  (


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Rating: 4 Hearts

Evangeline has worked hard to find a little peace and safety in her life. She understands how difficult it can be for a woman of her kind and is always on guard. Life has not always been good to her but she is a fighter and does what she can. When Alonzo enters her world Evangeline keeps her distance and does not act on her desires. It is safer for her that way but it is hard to deny the attraction to the man. Alonzo knows that he is not good enough for the woman that is his other half but he cannot stay away from her and when danger comes knocking Alonzo is ready to answer.

I enjoyed watching Evangeline and Alonzo's story play out. Evangeline is a strong woman who stands up to her man just as much as she stands by him. Alonzo is an alpha man who loves and supports his woman. The two make a good couple,  each one understands the other and is ready to fight for their love. They both have pasts that they must deal with before they can even think about a future.  As they try to find their way through their emotions and attraction danger finds its way to them.  Their story is a nice mix of romance and action. The love that they have for each other is strong and shows in all that they do. I loved seeing the two come together and fight for the bond that they share.  It was nice to see the man that Alonzo is with Evangeline. He needs her submission but he also needs her love and he will stop at nothing to show her just how special she is to him. 


Leopard's Fury is a wonderful addition to this series and I am excited to see what will come next in this world.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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