Sunday, May 7, 2017

ADD LOVE AND MIX by Sean Michael

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: March 22, 2017
Contemporary, Holiday
, M/M
Audio book
Reviewed by Gabrielle (


Obtained via publisher

Rating: 4 Hearts


When Jason's past comes calling his life will change forever and his relationship with Scott may turn out to be the casualty he does not want.  Elsa Jason's ex pays a visit to the station house where they work and brings along a surprise for Jason. A little girl she claims to be his. Elsa has had enough and leaves the little girl with Jason claiming that she is his daughter and that he can have her now. Jason is taken aback at the change in Elsa from the drugs she is using and even more surprised at the beautiful little girl. He cannot and will not abandon the little one but will it cost him Scott in the end?

Jason and Scott's have a beautiful story. Their love is strong but the two men must fight to keep it.  Jason and Scott must learn to be fathers and it takes a toll on their relationship. The two find themselves having to deal with what is best for the little girl but that may be what breaks them apart. I enjoyed both Jason and Scott. Both men are good through and through but finding a middle ground seems to be hard for them when it comes to being a family and doing what is right. Not only do the men have trouble adjusting but the little girl ; Kerry also has her moments.  Jason tries his hardest to make everyone happy and Scott does what he thinks needs to be done and soon everything begins to clash. I loved the vacation time that two took to reconnect.  The love that they have for each other is evident in all that they do but seeing them find themselves again was nice.  I really enjoyed the relationship that these two have and the banter between them was great.
Sean Michael weaves a nice story full of love and sacrifices that we all make to better this world for those that we love.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.



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