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Publisher:   Berkley
Published:  April 18, 2017
ISBN:        978-0425273777
Genre:       Contemporary Romance
Format:     Print
Obtained via:  Publisher  
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina




Jessica Harlow and John Shepherd met six years ago in the most unlikely of places—the FBI academy.  It wasn’t quite a love match…more like a hate at first sight match. Highly competitive, both determined to be the best in the class, they were a prime example of oil and water…not to be mixed.

Now, they meet again.  This time it is in the aftermath of Jessica’s divorce and John having walked in on his girlfriend in the middle of sex with one of his best friends. Worse than having to work in the same office, they are assigned to go undercover together to bring down a corrupt politician.  Can they put aside their personal distaste or each other long enough to do the job?

I read and enjoyed one of Julie James’s earlier books several years ago so when I saw THE THING ABOUT LOVE I thought I’d give it a read. I’m glad I did.

THE THING ABOUT LOVE can be read as a straight contemporary romance or you can take in the deeper nuances of not only the relationship between John and Jessica, but their own personal challenges.

James writes a terrific character driven story.  I loved how James developed John Shepherd’s personality. He’s not just an absolutely gorgeous hottie, he’s one of the truly good guys.  She gives him a vulnerability that makes you want to reach into the pages and be there for him.  When he walks in on his girlfriend in bed with his friend he’s hurt and angry—and moves on. But he not only moves on, he takes what he experienced and offers some solid advice to Jessica. He opens himself up to her despite their heated past. He’s not afraid to confront his personal demons and to go after what he wants, even if he could get hurt again.

Jessica as well has a wonderful inner strength but sometimes is so busy fighting to be the smart, independent one that she forgets it can be okay to let someone else step up and help you get where you are going.  Jessica and John are two sides of the same coin and James has some terrific character development through their relationship with each other.

While I enjoyed the descriptions of the different FBI divisions and the training the agents go through for each of them, there were points that the straight narrative did get a tad boring. I wanted to get back to what was going on with Jessica and John rather than read the procedural narrative.

A fun read with great characters and a super story line.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.



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