Friday, December 15, 2017

THE DOM’S WAY by Sean Michael

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: October 4, 2017
BDSM, Contemporary
Audio book

Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher

Rating: 4 Hearts

This story is the continuation of the relationship between Neal and Way. They continue to learn more about each other and what they each enjoy doing.  Way is still shy but is starting to find his way through the lifestyle that these two have begun to lead. His life has changed dramatically from the day when Neal first found him. Neal wants more than a fling and is ready to make things more permanent with Way. Will their bond continue to deepen and is love in the cards for Neal and Way? Just what will the future hold for these two?

This is another great adventure from the world of the Iron Eagle Gym.  Neal and Way’s story is fun and engaging. Way is a sweet and caring young man and Neal is a good man who loves him. He is just the kind of Dom that Way needs. He understands what Way needs and is more than willing to give him what he needs at Way’s pace. Not only was it nice to see Way and Neal’s relationship grow but it was nice to see the other couples from the gym. The friendship between everyone was a nice thing. I loved seeing the interaction between all the men and the game night that they share was a fun and exciting addition to this story.

Narrator Jeff Gelder brings this story and its characters to life nicely. I quickly became engrossed in their story as I listened to it unfold. I enjoyed this visit to this world and am excited to see what will happen next with the men from the Iron Eagle Gym.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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