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Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: April 14,2017
ISBN: 9781635333329

Reviewed by Gabrielle (

Obtained via publisher

Rating: 4 Hearts

Sammy never had it easy as a witch. He does not even think he has a decent power let alone finding someone to share his life with. The one person he has always wanted is off limits to him. Ryder would never look his way or even think of him as more than a friend. Sammy wishes it were different, but life must go on and soon a mysterious stranger comes into town and has his eyes set on Sammy. Even with this new gorgeous man Sammy still finds himself longing for Ryder. When trouble comes to the witches it seems this new stranger may be involved with Sammy stuck in the middle of all the chaos. Can Ryder help Sammy and the witches or is this new stranger too powerful?

Sammy and Ryder’s story is a great read. Love is something special and worth fighting for. Ryder and Sammy must decide if they are willing to fight for not only love but the fate of the world. I really enjoyed watching Sammy and Ryder find their way. Both men are strong and just needed to see the love that is there. Sammy learns that he is more than the witch he thinks he is and Ryder surprises everyone with what he reveals.  The two make a great couple and work well together.  It was nice to see everyone come together to fight the evil that has invaded their world. 

The author does a wonderful job of bringing these characters and their world to life. I loved visiting this world again and seeing old familiar characters. Ryder and Sammy’s adventure is a nice installment to the Aloysiuis Tales series and I hope to visit this world again.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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