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Prequel to Into The Drowning Deep
Subterranean Press
April 5th, 2015
Science Fiction, Fantasy Horror
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by self-purchase
4 Hearts

When Imagine Entertainment commissioned a voyage to see if mermaids were real or not, the entertainment company, crew and scientists aboard the Atargatis never anticipated the horror that awaited them at the Mariana Trench. What was supposed to be voyage full of fun, science and more turns into something deadly and dangerous within days of reaching there. For the Bathypelagic Zone of the Mariana Trench is very good at keeping its secrets and in its depths, the secrets there are deadly.

Wowsers is all I can say after reading this novella that starts the whole new series from author Mira Grant. ROLLING IN THE DEEP captures the fun and more that became the Atargatis’s final voyage and the horror that transpired there.  I was enthralled when I read the first full length book in the series, Into the Drowning Deep and when I saw there was a prequel story I had to grab it. It gives a better backstory about what happened on the Atargatis and helps bring into focus what was glossed over in the first book, Into the Drowning Deep. I liked seeing the different characters and finding out who they were. Some of the scientists’ titles had me going to the dictionary just to figure out what it was but otherwise the short novella was a fun story even if it chilled me to the bones.

ROLLING IN THE DEEP answers many questions that I had while I read Into the Drowning Deep and I enjoyed seeing through many of the different characters eyes what happened on that fateful voyage. This is an author who really grabs you by the throat when you open one of her books. The story moves quickly, sprinkled with short bursts from Imagine Entertainment media bulletins and other TV shows that showcased the tragedy of the Atargatis. The characters are quite well written and life like and I enjoyed all of them, from the tough as nails captain and deaf first mate to the fun Mermaid swimmers that Imagine Entertainment company brought aboard. Each character’s personality was unique and enjoyable. The mermaids were interesting in the whole horror movie sort of way and I for one hope to god I never meet one. Mira Grant really dashes my hopes of a Disney mermaid such as Ariel with this series. If that was what you are hoping for then I can tell this is not it. ROLLING IN THE DEEP is a story with monsters that come alive from myths and more the blood that is shed in search for it. It’s a fascinating story and one that left me on the edge of my seat till the very end.

ROLLING IN THE DEEP is a perfect introduction to the series I highly recommend reading this first though you don’t really have to before Into the Drowning Deep, though it does give more background on what happened and more on the Atargatis. Now all I can hope is this author goes back to this fascinating subject and I hope we won’t be waiting too long on it.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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