Saturday, August 4, 2018

RENA AND THE ALIEN WARRIOR by Jessica Coulter Smith

Publisher: Changeling Press
Date Published: June 22, 2018
ISBN: 08416-02719
Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Romance
Reviewed by: Gabrielle (
Obtained via publisher
Rating: 3 ½ Hearts

Rena has lived her most of her life as a slave. She never knows what kind of horrors will come with her next owner. When her most recent owner gives her to the alien named Ryx she has no idea just how much her life will change. Ryx is appalled when he sees the way Rena is treated. He accepts her as a gift and brings her to his spaceship. There he hopes that she can heal and find safety or even a mate. Will Rena find peace with this new turn of events in her life or is she already too damaged to find love?

Rena’s story is a sweet romance. She is a strong woman to have survived all the abuse that she has since she was taken as a slave. When Ryx enters her life, everything changes. When she arrives on his ship she finds not only safety but a friend and protector in Beren. The male maybe battle scarred but he has a big heart and a protectiveness that makes Rena feel again. The two begin a tentative relationship and soon Rena finds herself comfortable and safe with Beren. The two find themselves able to connect and share their pain. Soon emotions begin to bloom between Rena and Beren and an emergency takes their relationship to another level. I enjoyed watching their relationship grow and blossom as their adventure went on. I loved the tenderness that Beren feels and shows Rena. The two make a nice couple and it was nice to see two people survive and find happiness in their future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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