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WHEN WE FOUND HOME by Susan Mallery

Harlequin Books
July 1st, 2018
Women’s Fiction, Contemporary
Reviewed by Dawn (
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5 Hearts

Callie Smith is determined to live a new life, the straight and narrow path but life has a way of taking detours and more when you least expect it. Callie comes to find she has a half-brother, Malcolm and a half-sister, Keira and she is part of a family that wants her there with them. But Callie only knows how to be alone, living in the shadows as she tries to figure out her second chance but when she takes a chance on this new-found family she finds affection from Keira, a twelve-year old streetwise girl that Callie can’t help but love. Malcolm on the other hand drives Callie insane as she tries to feel safe with the newfound family even as life turns yet again. But as Malcolm, Keira and Callie find out life may detour when you least expect it but with an open heart, love can make you believe in forever.

WHEN WE FIND HOME is a charming story about family and more told with Susan Mallery’s trademark style. Filled with heart and emotion, this new stand alone story will deliver more than a few chuckles as you go on this journey with Malcolm, Keira and Callie as they navigate new found family dynamics, fall in love with one another even as they butt heads as siblings do. I love Ms. Mallery books and find them a charming delight on a lazy afternoon but in her new stand-alone book, WHEN WE FIND HOME, we meet three people who find they are related to one another and each comes with baggage, fears and more. All together these three-Malcolm, Keira and Callie-find that even as life can toss roadblocks at them, its up to them to wade through it and find a way to deal with whatever life throws at them. Each has secrets, fears, vulnerabilities that cause each to react in ways you nor I may not do but I loved how these three learned to deal with one another, find their inner strength, heal from past hurts and more all within a family they only just new about. With a fast-paced storyline, intriguing characters and more, Ms. Mallery delivers a story that kept me riveted till the very end. I loved all the characters but what drew me in was the relationship that grew between Callie, Keira and Malcolm. With each page, I loved how they came together as siblings even as they each navigated the land minds life popped up at them. With twists and turns, love interests that kept me intrigued, a grandfather that had me laughing at times and falling in love with, WHEN WE FIND HOME is more about three siblings its about family, even one you didn’t know about and learn to love. With each page, I fell in love with this charming family and loved seeing how they came together when chips were down, when they learned to trust, hope and more that the life they were offered within this family will not disappear when they least expect it.

WHEN WE FIND HOME is a sweet tale that will deliver more laughs than you can imagine, lots of groans from romantic fools and a trio of characters you will fall in love with. I look forward to seeing where this author goes in her next book and look forward to seeing where the journey will be. If you haven’t read this author’s work before then WHEN WE FIND HOME is the perfect introduction to her writing. I just caution that you will be so deep into this story that you will find hours have passed before you look up to see why the day has turned to night and that you are starving. I can’t recommend this new book enough and hope you enjoy it as well.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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