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WITCHING MOON by Yasmine Galenorn

The Wild Hunt Series Book 12/An Ante-Fae Adventure
Nightqueen Enterprises
June 15th, 2020
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Adventure, Mystery Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
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For the Ante-Fae bone witch, Raven, her experience with a serial killer has left her shaken and as she enjoys her new friendship with Ante-Fae Trinity, she finds herself drawing closer to the edge than ever before. Trinity has his secrets and he threatens Raven’s relationship with Kipa, Lord of the Wolves as well as her friends. When Raven’s recklessness causes issues and even more danger, can she find a way to help her friends and come back to herself as she deals with nightmares’ and memories that threaten everything she holds dear? And will the price be Raven’s life?

WITCHING MOON follows up after Sun Broken ended and it is everything I love from this author and more. We get new characters to meet and enjoy, find out how everyone fared after Sun Broken (Wild Hunt book 11) ended and the aftereffects that affect everyone involved. What I love about this author is how much character growth goes into the books as they move along.  Each time I pick up one of this author’s books, I am awed by her world building and character development. I love how diverse and unique the world and characters are in the Wild Hunt series. It is filled with life-like characters t hat fairly brim with energy and leap out of the pages while I read the books. I always want to know more about them and how much each has grown within the series books. The author’s worldbuilding is amazing as it seems so massive on scale and yet works perfectly within the series as we find out more about the principal players in the series as well as the surrounding scenery.

WITCHING MOON picks up a few months after Raven’s run in with Pandora and her madness. Filled with nightmares, anxiety episodes and more, Raven has tried to move past it but cannot as it impacts every part of her life, From her relationship with Kipa to her friends.  I loved how Raven could not walk this one off as much as forget it as well. It was nice to see how Raven dealt with something or someone more powerful than she. It gave me a better sense of who this character is, and I loved how dark she became as she dealt with her memories and terrors. Yasmine Galenorn delivers a darker book in the series but one that works perfectly in my opinion with moving the overreaching story ARC in the Wild Hunt Series and kept me glued to the pages till the very end. I loved every aspect of Raven’s journey to healing from this traumatic event and trying to repair the relationships she damaged by pushing them away during her time of afterwards. The author does a great job in capturing Raven and other’s unease and helplessness as they try to help Raven deal with everything that happened in Sun Broken.

WITCHING MOON delivers a wonderful addition to the series and I loved meeting new Ante-Fae to enjoy and I am really loving Raven’s mother as well. She was a hoot to see in action. If you are looking for a wild, unique series that will leave you breathless than grab the first book in the Wild Hunt series, The Silver Stag and get ready to be drawn into a world so amazing, you won’t want to leave it. I can’t wait to see where the author goes in the series and with her beloved characters. I do recommend reading this right from book one as each book capitalizes on the past ones. It will be easier to understand the whole story ARC that is making its way through them.

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