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PEACE TALKS by Jim Butcher


A Novel of the Dresden Files Book 16


July 14th, 2020


Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Action Adventure, Thriller, Fantasy, Mystery


Reviewed by Dawn Roberto

Obtained by Self-Purchase

5 Stars


For Wizard Harry Dresden, Chicago is his home and he is determined to protect it. He has battled countless enemies, faced danger beyond compare and always has come out alive and a bit broken at times as he continues his quest to keep Chicago and the world safe from the paranormal creatures that hide in the shadows. But after facing demons, the fae courts and more, Harry has become the Winter Knight to Queen Mab of the Fae Winter Court as well as a White Council wizard. Harry is tasked to make sure the peace talks between the supernatural nations of the world meet in Chicago and now the trouble begins. First you got his brother is in trouble, his grandfather, Wizard McCoy tells Harry there is faction determined to kick him out of the council and now the accords between everyone is on the verge of collapse. Harry just can not get a break. But he continues in his duties as he investigates a multipronged attack that will leave Harry, his city and the world on the brink of a war they did not see coming……


PEACE TALKS is finally here after a five year long drought, Jim Butcher delivers the first of two books this 2020 in his acclaimed and beloved Harry Dresden Files series and I got to say this one just had me on the edge of the seat right off the bat. I love this author’s world building and he completely enamored me with Harry Dresden from the first book, Storm Front. The last few books in the series have led to PEACE TALKS and we finally find out who has been in the shadows, covertly aiding and abetting events that have left Harry, his friends and family and allies battered and bruised from all te constant attacks. Now with the peace talks about to begin, the author amps up the danger and suspense as he delivers a wild ride from start to finish.


If you haven’t read this series before I highly urge you to start right from the beginning because each book delivers character growth as well as subtly delivers clues on where Jim Butcher is leading Harry and by extension, the readers. PEACE TALKS is no mere story, it’s a wild edge of the seat ride with so many twists and turns, I had to keep flipping the pages to figure things out and once I did, the author would flip the script and there went my hypothesis. The characters continue to grow with each book and even though Harry is my favorite main character, I still enjoy the secondary characters as well, including Butters (Polka Never Dies!!!), Bob the skull and more. Each character plays an important part in PEACE TALKS and the ending, which I won’t go into so I don’t spoil it for any who haven’t read this one yet, is one I sure didn’t see coming. The minute I put PEACE TALKS down, I immediately had to preorder Battle Ground, the next book in the series, so I can see where this author is leading us to. If you enjoy high octane stories filled with supernatural nations, characters that deliver wonderful quips, puns and adventure that will keep you on your toes, then RUN-DON’T Walk-to grab this series and be prepared to fall in love with harry and the gang. Now it is time to get ready for battle. Are you ready?


This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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