Tuesday, July 28, 2009

HOLED UP by Hank Edwards

Publisher: Loose ID
Date published: June 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59632-951-5
LBGT erotic contemporary
Miss April

CLICK TO PURCHASE! HOLED UP by Hank Edwards has a different kind of voice about it. It is a much more masculine voice and that is a good thing with this novella. One of the main characters, Special Agent Aaron Pierce isn’t even likable at the beginning. He comes off as a contrary smart ass, one that you could cheerfully strangle and dump the body somewhere. He’s arrogant when he hooks up with an anonymous guy. But first impressions are mistaken and when push comes to shove. Agent Pierce is the man you want to be on your side, as Mark Beecher finds out.

Mark tried to do the right thing. When he overhears some men talking about blowing something up, he reports it to the Homeland Security. Things go wrong and next thing he knows, he is in protective custody. Now he has to survive to testify. That’s when he meets Special Agent Aaron Pierce. Mark is sarcastic and scared and their first meeting doesn’t go well. However, when someone tries to kill Mark right away they soon realize they need each other.

I enjoyed this book very much. The voice in it was a little different but surprisingly refreshing. While I started out somewhat disliking Aaron, I ended up loving his character with all his flaws. He reminded me of those bad boy heroes in the old movies. Misunderstood and buying into their own hype, they always came through for you at the end. Aaron was the same. Mark was a delight. Quick witted and sassy, he’s more than a match for Aaron. Their discovery of one another is sexy and inevitable. Together they struggle to define things, leaving it until almost too late. And the ending was fantastic.

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