Saturday, November 28, 2009

HIGHLAND DRAGON by Kimberly Killion

Publisher: Kensington Zebra
Date published: November 2009
ISBN: 978-1420104417
Medieval Scottish Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Obtained via: Author

Reviewed by Danny

Young Laird Calin MacLeod saved his betrothed when she was an infant and gave her to a peasant family to be raised. Now 18 years later her protector and benefactor suddenly appears to marry her and although Akira Neish knows that she is promised to her benefactor she wants nothing to do with him. She has other problems, because the people think that she is a witch due to a birthmark. Yet the passion and secrets they share are so explosive that it not only influences their lives but could be their end. Will these two spirited lovers have a future together or will their enemies win?

The sparks are flying between those two strong willed characters from the very start of the story. Ms Killion has created with Akira and Calin, vivid and complex characters who make HIGHLAND DRAGON such an enjoyable read. The story and its characters will stay with you for quite awhile after you have read the last page. It’s definitely a book that should find a place on your keeper shelf.

Calin first sees Akira only as an instrument to avenge his father’s death, because he is blinded by his wish for revenge, but soon Akira worms her way into his protected heart and he realizes that real love is much more important that all the vengeance in the world. HIGHLAND DRAGON is an absolutely fascinating and enchanting story.

So if you love Highlander stories, you definitely don’t want to miss this book. Ms. Killion is a fast rising star in the world of Scottish romance and I am really looking forward to read more from her!


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