Saturday, November 28, 2009

THE LAST VHALGENN by Kayelle Allen

Publisher: Shadowfire Press
Date published: August 25, 2008
No ISBN # Given
Obtained by self-purchase
Reviewed by Dawn

In the land of Qarth, every king or queen gets a companion of the opposite sex and to keep from birthing royal bastards, the Vhalgenn are made infertile and swear to fight to the death for their companion. For Raik, a jealous queen banishes her from her companion and king. Soon after several years she s asked back by the queens maidens as the royal heir is about to be born and she is forced into a race, if she fails to outwit, outlast and survive, the king’s heir is lost. She will need to outwit the one man she swore to protect and love even as she tries to elude him. The price is steep for if she is captured by the King and his men, Raik will be banished forever from the one man she gave her heart to long ago.

is a fast paced ride from start to finish. This was a delight to read one afternoon and it left me hoping Ms. Allen will come back to the land of Qarth and the Vhalgenn. With interesting characters, fast paced storyline and some action-adventure scenes to get the blood pumping, Ms. Allen delivers a stunning story to enjoy. I really enjoyed how Raik interacted with the other secondary characters, especially the Queen who was jealous of her closeness with the King. Raik is forced to help the queen even as her heart bleeds at the price she will face if caught by the king. I don’t want to mention too much as this was a short story and if you haven’t read it yet, I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Ms. Allen really delivers one wild ride, especially once Raik starts her complicated journey with the heir to the throne. Can she get to where she has to be before getting caught? The reader will find out in THE LAST VHALGENN. The characters really make the story in this one as Ms. Allen’s multi-dimensional characters really come out and the reader gets a ssense of their hearts and souls, especially at the climatic ending. If you enjoy a fantasy story that will get your heart racing and fingers nimbly turning pages quickly, then grab THE LAST VHALGENN. Ms. Allen is one of the premier storytellers and is a force to be reckoned with here. I look forward to more from this wonderful author and hope you can check out THE LAST VHALGENN.


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