Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BULLS ISLAND by Dorthea Benton Frank

Publisher: Avon
Date published: June 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-143846-2
Woman’s Fiction
Mass Market Paperback
Obtained by Publisher

Elizabeth “Betts” McGee was not of the social caliber as the Langley’s but she thought with her engagement to perennial golden boy, J.D. Langley, her life would be all happiness and roses. Well it would have been if rumors and innuendos didn’t crash their engagement to pieces. Elizabeth fled Bulls Island and has reinvented herself in New York City as banking executive. Two years later, secure in her new life and in charge of a new project that contains her beloved Bulls Island, Elizabeth has to deal with secrets and lies as she goes back home to an estranged family and an ex-fiancée who is still the same….or is he?!

I have to say this is the first book I have ever read from Ms. Benton Frank and it was a nice light afternoon read. This is an author who makes you laugh and cry while flipping the pages to see what is next to come. It was a pleasant diversion on a rainy afternoon and it surprised me many hours later after I flipped the last page. Ms. Benton Frank has wit and it shows in her writing. The characters are vibrant and intriguing, especially that alligator that makes its appearance as well. BULLS ISLAND is a wonderful story of second chances and forgiveness even as the secrets come out in the open. Are you ready to go to BULLS ISLAND and see what happens when Betts comes home and finds a love worth fighting for?

Meet Elizabeth “Betts” McGee, a woman who thought her life was perfect. Wonderful family, perfect fiancé and a wedding coming up that is the talk of the town. That is until something happens that causes her to break her engagement, flee Bulls Island and her family. Elizabeth is a strong heroine who has reinvented herself in the two years she was gone from BULLS ISLAND. Now a banking executive, she is in charge of a special project that will transform her beloved island into something she doesn’t recognize. Heading back to the one place that has given her happy memories and a broken heart, Elizabeth has to deal with an estranged family, secrets, lies and one crazy alligator on top of being reunited with J. D. Langley, the one man who has a hold on her heart and won’t let go. Ms. Benton Frank captivates you with some complex and interesting characters that interact well with secondary characters. I loved how they all melded together and kept the story flowing smoothly. With the right touch of summer sun, flaws, and forgiveness, this author weaves a subtle spell around you and transforms you as you fip the pages of BULLS ISLAND.

If you are looking for a light read that will touch you on all levels, from laughter to tears, then grab BULLS ISLAND and settle in for a few hours of pure enjoyment. I definitely will be checking out other books on this authors backlist and see what other adventures she has in store for her readers.


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