Wednesday, December 9, 2009

CAPTURED by Beverly Jenkins

Published: Avon
Date published: September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-06-154779-9
Romance Multiracial
Mass Market Paperback
Obtained via publisher

Dominique LeVeq, a notorious French born pirate, destroys an enemy’s ship and takes all the cargo he can carry, plus the slave crew. Entranced by a beautiful slave, he also takes her enraging her owner, Violet.

Clare Sullivan is devastated as it means she may never see her children again. Dominic falls in love with her and when she realizes he’s interested in giving all slaves their freedom, she succumbs to his advances.

On his Caribbean home island of Libertè, all the people have been freed and life is hard but happy. They ready their ship and take off for Savannah to try and rescue Clare’s children. Danger, death, slave traders and a war, are what they have to surmount. Dominique, his brother and friends combine their skills learnt navigating the high seas to achieve their objective.

CAPTURED is an interesting tale set in the 1700’s, where people were bought and sold with no rights of their own. The characters were an interesting mix of many nations which was different, although it was a little confusing figuring out who belonged to whom sometimes. The tale was based on real life and the pirates who roamed the seas and rested on the islands back then. The settings were quite visual, giving the reader a glimpse of life back then, plus the hardship run-away slaves went through. The romance was well done, but the sex scenes a little repetitive also the characters inner thoughts. I enjoyed the actual story and the historical notes giving some background was very interesting. I’m sure Ms. Jenkins fans will enjoy Dominique and Clare’s story.


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