Wednesday, December 9, 2009

THE EDGE OF DESPERATION by James Buchanon & Jason Edding

Published: Manlove Romance Press
Date published: April 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60820-042-9 (Electronic)
978-1608200429 (Paperback)
Futuristic M/M
Obtained by publisher

In the distant future, lives are lost, love is found and these two authors deliver two stories that will drive you to the EDGE OF DESPERATION.

In DARK ROBE EDGES: DARK ROBE SOCIETY 2 by Jason Edding, we find Jack and Edge on the run again and drawn into a battle that will take them from the farthest reaches of space and back to Earth, where Jack’s adventure began long ago. Add in battles, lust and betrayal to give the reader an action packed ride from start to finish.

I have to say I was excited to continue reading Jack and Edge’s adventures as they battle the Dark Robe Society. With a few twists, turns and some new faces as well, enemies and friends, Mr. Edding has delivered a great story to keep the reader highly entertained. With a nice balance of personal relationships and action-adventure, this author kept me glued to the pages, hoping Jack, Edge and their allies come away unscathed by the Dark Robe Society. I hope Mr. Edding delivers more Jack and Edge stories in the future.

In BEYOND DUTY by James Buchanan, we meet many different cultures and creatures. Alad is an officer who doesn’t always play by the rules. On a night on the town, he is prowling for something to ease his mind and body when he meets Hirah, a man who Alad is drawn to. After one unforgettable night together, Alad goes back to his command and even though he wants another night with Hirah, he is resigned to the one night stand…until he finds himself ordered to be in Hirah’s command. Surprises, passion and betrayal follow as Alad and Hirah fight to stay alive as they go to war and learn to follow their hearts, even amidst the time of war.

BEYOND DUTY is a fast paced, lust filled ride from start to finish. The characters are well developed and Mr. Buchanan delves deep into the future with different cultures, aliens and other fun stuff. I loved the dynamics between Alad and Hirah as they tried to work out a way to be equals even as they become lovers. With a fast paced storyline, the reader is treated to a time that may happen in the future.

THE EDGE OF DESPERATION is a fun read to while the hours away in the day. Both authors keep the right balance of character development and fast paced action scenes. The sex scenes keep the reader glued even as the next action scene takes aim. With these two talented authors, the reader is thrust into battles as the characters worm their way into your heart. I look forward to seeing more stories by these two authors in the future set in the worlds they have created here. I highly recommend THE EDGE OF DESPERATION for those who enjoy multi-dimensional characters, action and adventure amid the stars.


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