Thursday, December 10, 2009

CAGING THE BEAST Book 4 in Creations Series by Marie Harte

Publisher: Total E-Bound
Date published: October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-907280-29-0 (electronic)
978-1-907280-74-0 (paperback)
Futuristic Gay Light BDSM
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Tarn is on Colony6 in disguise. To find and return a rare crystal before war breaks out, he will stop at nothing to finish his mission, but he never anticipates finding the one man that stirs his blood and has him losing focus even as the stakes turn higher. For Zachem’Zen is a man like no other and has secrets of his own to hide. For both of these two, getting out of Colony6 is just the beginning of the iceberg as passions and conflicts arise to tempt them both. Can Tarn find the crystal and get both of them off Colony6 before all hell breaks loose?

CAGING THE BEAST is the fourth book in Ms. Harte’s wildly popular Creations Series and it is set many years later after the third book is done. I really have enjoyed this series and found that CAGING THE BEAST was a fast paced, well written story with some really interesting characters. I would love to see some of the secondary characters with their own books in the future if possible. I do have to say there are some scenes that may not appeal to everyone that include M/M, Voyeurism and others.

Meet Tarn, a warrior who was once known as the Destroyer of the Otherworld Army and now he is helping his nephew in an undercover mission. To stop an interplanetary war from erupting, he is to find and retrieve a rare crystal. Posing as a slave on Colony6, he never expects to find the one man who stirs him like no other has before. “The Beast” is one of the premier fighters and Tarn is determined to finish his mission but can he leave “The Beast” behind? Ms. Harte creates some very memorable characters and this was no exception. Strong and alpha male, Tarn is a dominant who lusts after Zachem’Zen and ends up finding something a whole lot more. Zachem’Zen is a creation and he longs for one thing only: His freedom….well that is until he meets Tarn and finds a man worthy to fight and lust over. Content to wait until he can escape Colony6, Zachem’Zen’s world is rocked by Tarn and he finds himself with the one man who can help him control the beast inside him. Can Tarn show Zachem’Zen the power of submission and love go hand in hand? I love these two characters together. They are so powerful yet both show a tender side as well when alone. Tarn is pure alpha male and all male. Sinfully sexy, he is one guy I would love to have at my beck and call. Throw in Zachem’Zen and mix together and you get some simmering tension that will leave you breathless.

CAGING THE BEAST is a wonderful tale of love, freedom and passion all rolled up in one story. With some wonderful intriguing characters, tight writing and simmering passion, Ms. Harte delves into her Creation world again and captivates her readers till the last page. I just hope this isn’t the last of the Creations world. If you enjoy a wonderful new futuristic series, then grab Ms. Harte’s Creations series (The Perfect Creation, Creation’s Control & Creating Chemistry) for one wild romp among the stars. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Harte’s enthralling stories in the future.


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