Thursday, December 10, 2009

SCIONS: RESURRECTION by Patrice Michelle

Publisher: HQ Intrigue Nocturne
Date published: May 2009
ISBN: 978-0263872989
Paranormal Vampire Romance
Reviewed by Pam
Obtained by purchase.

Vampires are extinct... or are they?
All of Ariel's family were slaughtered by vampires. Hoping to conquer her fear of the monsters once and for all, she wrote a vampire romance novel hoping to purge the horror from her mind. Unfortunately, all it did was cause a huge controversy over the existence of vampires. A TV interview brings her to the attention of the Sanguinas, a vampire clan hiding out in the forests. They are trying hard to survive in a world where human blood is now poisonous for them.
Jachin was banished from the Sanguinas and had to live in human society to survive. He has hidden his true nature from everyone, and become an assassin, killing for money to survive. When he hears about a supposedly fictional novel based on the very prophecy that has kept his hopes alive, he searches for the author. The dying leader believed that someday vampires would once again be able to live without fear in the human world. He knows she’s the answer. Jachin wasn’t prepared and fell for the stubborn human woman. Now he needs to take Ariel to the new vampire leader, to fulfill the prophecy.

Patrice Michelle was a new author to me, but I shall keep a look out for her name now.
RESSURRECTION was an interesting book to read as it had a different take on Vampires. The storyline was great, and I couldn’t resist turning the pages. The hero was interesting and a good match to the feisty heroine, making it an intensely different paranormal to read.
The action levels are on high, keeping the book fast paced and totally engrossing. The romance is beautifully done, with so much conflict and tension between Ariel and Jachin that it made me wonder how they would ever get it together.
The setting and world building is well done, with the story taking place in a future society. The vampires are a failed CIA laboratory experiment and human blood has somehow become poisoned, forcing the vampires to rely on each other for the nourishing blood they require. The concept is great and totally different in many ways, making the story fresh and exciting. The sexual tension rises high as soon as Ariel and Jachin meet. I hated having to put the book down to get some sleep, still hungry for more of the exciting Scions world.


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