Saturday, December 12, 2009

DOUBLE THE PLEASURE by Lori Foster, Deidre Martin, Jacquie D’Alessandro & Penny McCall

Publisher: Berkley Sensation Date published: December 2008 ISBN: 978-0-425-22406-9 Contemporary Erotic Romance Trade Paperback Reviewed by Dawn Obtained by Publisher Four fabulous authors bring you a fun filled romp as friends and lovers find you can have double the pleasure between friends, lovers and more. Lori Foster kicks things off with one of her Winston Brothers stories in DUECES WILD. Here you meet the Winston twins, Dex and Hart. Hart wants to train for MMA but doesn’t want anyone to know about it so he persuades his twin, Dex to apartment sit for him and basically impersonate Hart while he is off training. Christy Nash is Hart’s neighbor and when the man she thinks is Hart starts flirting with her, she wonders what the heck happened. This is a man who never gave her two blinks before. Will she find out that Dex is impersonating Hart and will she forgive him? I love Lori Foster’s DUECES WILD. Full of interesting characters and some wonderful scenes between Dex and Christy had me sighing in delight but I have to admit, Dex and Christy were great together even after the switch-a-roo comes out in the open. Ms. Foster delivers a wonderful kick off in DOUBLE THE PLEASURE and I look forward to seeing who snares Hart Winston in the future. In Deidre Martin’s THE LUCK OF THE IRISH, She introduces the readers to her new series, Wild Heart Saga with Maggie O’Brien; a feisty and independent woman who had her heart broken one too many times. This time she is determined to not let a man close to her again until hunky Brandon Kelly walks into her life. As Maggie succumbs to his seductions and falls for him, Brandon’s deepest secrets come out and this time Maggie has to decide to forgive him or leave the one man who completes her, heart, body and mind. THE LUCK OF THE IRSIH is a pure gem in my opinion. Ms. Martin captures her characters perfectly and keeps the tension on simmer even as Maggie and Brandon succumb to passions desires and heat things up a notch. I loved the way Ms. Martin really captures the characters and shows the reader not just their hearts but also their flaws as well. They were quite endearing and I am now a new fan of Ms. Martin. In Jacquie D’Alessandro, she keeps the romance alive with her story of two very different people who seem to either hate or love each other. In YOUR ROOM OR MINE, Ms. D’Allesandro keeps the tension on high as Jack Walker, the new department head finds himself saddled with the one thing he hates…..a consultant. Enter Maddie Price, a woman who handles difficult assignments with a smile yet this Jack Walker pushes every button she has and ones she never knew about before. Sparks fly between these two as they find themselves caught in desires grip and first impressions. YOUR ROOM OR MINE is a wonderful story that will have you laughing one minute and sighing the next. Ms. D’Alessandro captures the characters perfectly and shows us how first impressions can be wrong while keeping the sexual tension between Maddie and Jack simmering throughout the story. A very enjoyable story and I look forward to more from this author in the future. The final story centers on death, lost loves and lots of mayhem to boot. In DOUBLE THE DANGER, Dr. Abigail West finds herself looking at a John Doe in the morgue that she recognizes. It’s her former lover, Drake. What is even weirder is that he isn’t even dead. Now the adventure begins as these two former lovers have to dodge hit men, secrets and small town mayhem. Can Abby forgive Drake as his secrets come to life even as she falls in love with him all over again? I liked Ms. McCall’s finale to DOUBLE THE PLEASURE. With some intriguing characters and lots of zany fun, DOUBLE THE DANGER keeps the reader guessing what happens next with each madcap adventure that Drake and Abigail find themselves on. Ms. McCall is a wonderful storyteller though I could have used some more sexual tension in this one, but overall, it was a satisfying read. DOUBLE THE PLEASURE is a wonderful anthology full of multi-dimensional characters, lots of sexual tension and tight writing. Each author seamlessly weaves their story around the reader and I, for one, couldn’t put DOUBLE THE PLEASURE down. If you enjoy four wonderfully told stories full of fun, adventure and romance, then grab DOUBLE THE PELASURE and settle in for a night of pure fun. I look forward to more in the future form these talented authors.

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