Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SUNSTROKED by Cathryn Fox

Published: Penguin/NAL
Date published: November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-451-22511-5
Contemporary Romance
Trade Paperback
Obtained by publisher

A last minute vacation at an exclusive spa has three friends finding out that their boldest desires are about to come true. Get ready for paradise when Danielle, Lauren and Abby go to the “O” Spa for two weeks of fun and some hot fantasies coming to life.

SUNSTROKED is about three friends who find themselves at an exclusive spa that touts a magical “elixir” that will turn your wildest fantasies to life. They end up with much more. Get ready to warm up your winter with Cathryn Fox’s SUNSTROKED.

In the first story we get introduced to Danielle Carrigan, an interior designer who is longing to be dominated by a sexy alpha male. When she meets Ethan Sharpe, she finds the perfect guy to make her fantasy come alive….one SENSUAL SOAK at a time.

THE SENSUAL SOAK is a wonderful tale of dominance and fantasy. Danielle Carrigan has some secret fantasies about being dominated in the bedroom and when she meets Ethan Sharpe, do the sparks fly. Ms. Fox has created some hot heroes to go toe to toe with these three feisty friends and Ethan is one stud muffin in my opinion. These two combust together and Ms. Fox keep the sexual tension on high with each page in THE SENSUAL SOAK.

Next up THE PLEASURE POOL, as Lauren Sampson finds the one man who doesn’t see just her curves but to the woman underneath them. She is thrilled to find sexy Ryan Thomas who is not afraid to show her what a real man wants and that is Lauren...in every naughty fantasy she has desired.

THE PLEASURE POOL is one hot story from start to finish. Lauren wants a man who will see past her chest and curves and see the real woman behind it. When Ryan Thomas captures her interest, she finds the one man who will deliver everything she desires and more. Ryan is afraid to let Lauren know of his injury and how it affects him. These two are so sweet together yet the sparks literally fly off the pages each time they come into a room. With a strong hero and a feisty heroine, Ms. Fox delivers a couple that will sure make you squirm in your seat.

The final story centers on Abby Benton in THE SUNSET SAUNA. Abby is about to be engaged to the wrong man and when she falls for Cody Lannon, she finds the right man to rouse her to passions heights. Can Cody show Abby that passion can lead to true love?

I love Abby and Cody the most. Here Ms. Fox shows us a heroine who has never experienced passion’s delight and thinks it’s a myth. Determined to settle for a life with someone she likes, not love, Abby gets more than she bargains for when she is rescued in a snorkeling accident by hunky Cody Lannon. He is determined to show her that passion does indeed exist and delights in showing her every delicious aspect of it. I swear Ms. Fox keeps the readers imagination in overdrive as she shows Abby and the readers all about passion and love.

Strong characters and some wonderfully sweet yet hot sex scenes keep the reader enthralled from start to finish. Ms. Fox delivers one wonderful book in SUNSTROKED. Three hot and wonderful stories to warm up your nights and I highly recommend keeping some ice or your significant other nearby as Ms. Fox really heats things into boiling with the fiery nature of passion and love. Get ready to be SUNSTROKED yourself as you follow three friends who find out how love can really change their worlds.


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