Friday, December 11, 2009

UNCORKED by Andrew Grey

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: November 23rd, 2009
ISBN; 978-1-61581-298-1
M/M Contemporary
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Coming home on break from Art School, Bobby Bielecki is pitching in to help run the wine store his adopted parents own so they can go on a much needed vacation. With the help of his former best friend, Kenny, Bobby will find a love that he thought lost a long time ago and renew a friendship that will strengthen his ties to the one person who inspires him in his art. Can Bobby and Kenny find a way to break through miscommunication, past mistakes and let themselves fall in love this time?

UNCORKED is about love, forgiveness and communication that draws a reader in and captures their heart before they know it. You met Bobby, Kenny and many of the characters from past books (Bottled Up & the Best Revenge). This time we see two young people work their way through miscommunication, passion and find a love so profound it will open up a world of new possibilities as Bobby and Kenny find out in UNCORKED. Mr. Grey is a talented writer and he delivers emotional stories with each new release. With a fast pace, nice buildup to romance and some intriguing characters, Mr. Grey keeps the reader engaged as they flip the pages, hoping Bobby and Kenny find their way back to each other and recognize their feelings for one another. With a broad stroke of his pen, Mr. Grey captures the insecurities, emotional upheaval and the trust that lie between these two characters and deftly weaves a spell around you in all his stories. I highly enjoyed the banter between Kenny and Bobby as they tried to regain some of the trust back with each other. There were some wonderful moments where I was laughing out loud then sighing as the characters found their hearts desires.

Meet Bobby Bielecki, a young talented artist, who misses his best friend, Kenny, fiercely. A past disaster is stuck between them and it will take the combined efforts of Bobby and Kenny’s friends and family to get them to forgive and maybe fall in love. You’ve met Bobby in Bottled Up and I was thrilled to see a story centered on him. Mr. Grey pens a charming, strong character that resonates with the reader as Bobby works his way through adult hood and finding the way to his friend’s heart again. Kenny is a delight and I really enjoyed how this author was able to see past the veneer and show the reader all the hurt, insecurities and more that are in the deepest part of their hearts. With the right touch of romance, friendship and simmering sexual tension, Mr. Grey keeps the reader glued to the pages as the twists and turns abound. With some familiar faces and some new ones, the storyline flowed smoothly without any hiccups.

is a tender tale of first love, forgiveness and a searing romance that will charm the reader by the end of the story. With multi-dimensional characters that captivate you, strong writing and some simmering passion that builds until it explodes, UNCORKED is a true gem to read anytime. I highly recommend reading the first two books as all three are loosely connected and best read in order. I look forward to more from this author in the future.


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