Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MRS. MIRACLE by Debbie Macomber

Publisher: Avon Books
Date Published: November 24, 2009
ISBN: 978-006-108346-4
Sweet Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Angie
Obtained by Publisher for review

Seth Webster needs a miracle as Christmas approaches. His wife passed away four years ago and he has become a single parent to twin boys. After his wife’s death, his sons went to live with their maternal grandparents, who have recently decided to retire and travel. The boys have come to live with him, and while they are lovable kids, their rambunctious and precious behavior is causing housekeepers to quit and leave him in a bind. When the latest departs he tries it alone for a few weeks but is relieved when the agency sends Mrs. Merkle to his rescue just before the holidays.
When Seth meets Reba Maxwell she captures his eye and makes him wish for a future that includes her. He isn’t ready to let go of the past and his wife’s memory, yet she draws him to want more for himself and his sons. Reba has her own past that has left her scarred, yet she too is ready to let herself love again.
These two leading characters have to work to get to their happily ever after, but the main focal point of the story Mrs. Merkle (aka Mrs. Miracle) is the force that drives them to get what they want. This may be a love story, but more than that it is a story of hope and forgiveness. MRS. MIRACLE brings readers to a place full of Christmas joy and love.
The one complaint this novel brings to mind is the fact that it ends. The characters are well rounded, life like and lovable. There are no gaps in the reading, the story flows and ebbs naturally, but readers will stay enthralled and wanting to know just what will happen between Seth, Reba and the boys. A great addition is the recipes – Mrs. Merkle’s Country Pot Pie is yummy!
Debbie Macomber enthralls readers once again with MRS. MIRACLE. This novel originally released in 1996 is a classic tale that will delight readers. The timeless story has such an impact message that it has been turned into a Hallmark Channel Original Movie that is being shown on December 5, 2009 in the United States. Starring Doris Roberts, the movie was a great addition to reading the novel, but as in most cases the movie does not do the book justice, pick up your copy today to be delighted as the holidays approach!


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