Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SOLAR SKIES by Dawn Montgomery

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Date published: December 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59578-646-3
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Kayanna Lord is a woman bent on destroying Project Sol, regardless of the cost. Meeting Auron Sterling was a complication she wasn’t expecting, especially as he is on the run from the madmen bent on harvesting his genetic DNA for their own evil purposes. Two people determined to end something more foul than they can imagine. What they didn’t expect was to lose their hearts to one another.

SOLAR SKIES is one wild and fast paced ride from start to finish. Ms. Montgomery delivers a story full of intriguing characters, mysteries and hot passionate sex that will heat up your cold winter nights. I love Ms. Montgomery’s stories and this one is no exception. I just wished it was a bit longer as I got so involved with Kayanna and Auron’s story that I wanted more when the last page was read.

Meet Kayanna Lord, a woman who is determined to destroy the project sol even if it costs her everything- and gives her so much more in return. A strong heroine, she finds herself rescuing Auron Sterling, a mysterious man who turns her on like no other has before. Auron Sterling is running for his life from the people bent on taking his DNA for evil purposes. Determined to not fall into their clutches, he finds himself drawn to his rescuer and finds a woman who makes his blood boil with just a touch. Can these two find a way to bring down project sol before it is too late? Ms. Montgomery always has some wonderful well rounded characters in her stories and these two are no exception. Strong, independent yet trying to hide their vulnerability in a time of peril hooked me from the first page. Add in some really nefarious bad guys, some interstellar fighting and passionate sex scenes and mix well and you get SOLAR SKIES.

This was truly one of those books you cannot put down once you start reading it. I loved the dynamics between Kayanna and Auron as they give into their growing feelings as well as work together for a common goal. Ms. Montgomery is a wonderful storyteller and created something that leaves me hoping she comes back to in the future. If you enjoy an action-packed futuristic, with great characters and sensual scenes, then grab SOLAR SKIES. I just recommend keeping the ice nearby as you get overheated while reading this one. Dawn Montgomery is always on my auto-buy list and I am looking forward to more wonderful stories from her.


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