Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LYCAN WARS 1: INSTINCT Book 1 in series by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Publisher: Changeling Press
Date published: April 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60521-337-8
Paranormal, Action-Adventure, Vampires, Werewolves
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! In a world where bloodlines mean everything, Radek yearns for the day when his species, the Lycans, will be free from the vampires they serve. His kin has been enslaved for centuries and now he vows to find a way to free them even if it costs him his life. Determined to strike a blow to the Vampire King, he steals away his prized possession-his daughter, Vita. Expecting her to be scared by her kidnapping, he never expects to see her thrilled instead. Vita has longed for Radek for ages and when she finds herself in his arms as his prisoner, she longs for the freedom away from a controlling suitor and father. Can the passion between them sustain them as they find a love that will be forbidden between the two even as danger mounts for them both?

Holy Moly is this book HAWT! I was drawn into the world of Lycans and Vampires and wasn’t disappointed. Ms. Lee delivers one wild, erotic ride from start to finish and I highly enjoyed the way Radek was confused by Vita’s response to her kidnapping. He expected her to be afraid yet she was thrilled by it all, especially as she has loved Radek for years. This is an author who isn’t afraid to create strong characters that are sinfully sexy and feisty. Vita is the perfect foil to Radek even as danger mounts in the Vampire and Lycan world as enemies to them both will be after them. Can their love survive this even as Vita and Radek give in to their passion? Ms. Lee is a new to me author and one that I will be checking out further after reading LYCAN WARS 1: INSTINCT.

Vita is a vampire princess and has been in love with Radek, the alpha of the enslaved Lycans for ages it seems. After being caught in an innocent encounter with him, Vita is forced to watch him from afar even as her father, the vampire king, makes a match with another vampire for Vita’s hand-one that will control Vita in all areas. Radek is determined to take his kin and pack away from the Vampire King, stealing Vita is a blow he thinks will get him safe passage out of Aeon Empire. What he doesn’t anticipate is a woman thrilled by the turn of events and also determined to taste the forbidden passion that is love between a lycan and a vampire. Oh man, these two rub together so well it had me wanting a cool shower. Radek is so masterful and alpha yet with Vita he’s a puddle of water. Her desires to be with him confuse him even as he tries to deny the passion between them. Can he keep Vita safe even as danger mounts against them and tears her away from him? Dang if I didn’t need a cold shower after reading this one. The sex is highly erotic and yet tender at the same time. I do recommend keeping a bucket of ice or your honey nearby to cool you off after reading this one.

LYCAN WARS 1: INSTINCT delivers a kick butt introduction to the Aeon Empire and the way Lycans were enslaved by Vampires ages ago. The action is fast and the writing tight. With some great secondary characters that I am hoping get stories in the future, Ms. Lee delivers a story that will satisfy her readers and leave them aching for more. I am hoping this author doesn’t keep us waiting for more Lycan Wars stories in the future.


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