Monday, August 9, 2010

STORMWALKER by Allyson James

Book 1in Janet Begay series
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Date published: May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-425-23469-3
Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Janet Bagay has issues and a power that she is finally able to harness. A stormwalker, she is able to harness the power of thunderstorms and it fuels her magic in at times deadly proportions. The only thing that helps is her boyfriend, Mick-or ex-boyfriend in this case. She doesn’t know who or what he is even after being with him, learning how to harness the elemental power inside her but after five years apart, he blows back into her life and all hell breaks loose-literally. Coming back to Magellan, Arizona for a missing person’s case leads Janet to face her biggest fear-her mother, an immortal goddess herself and one bent on having Janet and her powers no matter what. Now Janet and Mick have to venture to a place where humans can’t survive and if they don’t work together, then neither will survive.

STORMWALKER is an introduction to a new and wildly entertaining series from talented Allyson James. I have to admit this was one series I was unsure of. A heroine who had elemental powers that needed a storm to fuel it was intriguing and Ms. James pulls it off in the debut book. I loved how she shows us what happened to make Mick and Janet part, Janet’s vulnerability and the way she falls for Mick all over again when he rides to her rescue in the beginning. Intriguing characters, an intricate storyline that keeps the reader glued to the edge of their seat and a few plot twists that leave you shouting “OH MY GOD!!”

Meet Janet Bagay, a Native American who is a Stormwalker, and a person whose powers are fueled by the thunderstorms that pound the earth. The only person who can stop the power from burning her out is her ex-boyfriend-sexy, aggravating as sin, Mick, a fire walker. When she returns to Magellon, she finds she has to face her biggest fears while trying to solve a missing person’s case-her powerful evil mother. A woman bent on having Janet and her powers regardless of the cost. Dang it all, I fell for Janet and Mick the minute they walked upon the pages. Janet is still innocent even as she faces demons, wraiths and other baddies her mother sends her way. Mick is a bad boy, motorcycle driving man who keeps Janet on her toes even as he hides secrets from her that cause her to not fully trust him. Both are wonderfully well written and the secrets Mick holds had me wondering just what was in his background he didn’t want Janet to know about. Some wonderful secondary characters had me chuckling and kept the story flowing smoothly.

STORMWALKER is a tightly written, action packed story that will knock you on your bum, leaving you eager for more. With each page, you are sucked into Janet’s world and I can honestly say I so want to be this girl’s friend. If you haven’t picked up the newest book in the paranormal genre, then grab STORMWALKER. It is one that will keep you highly entertained and glued till the very end. I am eager to see what happens next for Janet in the next installment hopefully coming soon.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of the book.

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