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Talking with Raine Delight & a CONTEST

CONTEST INFORMATION- Comment on the post to win a paranormal goodie bag that includes the following: Fairies gone wild anthology, Three Nocturne titles from Lori Devoti, a promo goodie bag with cover flats and a del fantasma shot glass and more to one lucky winner. Contest ends August 9th with winner being announced at Noon ET on Aug. 10th.

Series vs. non-series books

I got a question from a reader the other day asking why do I write series books. Well that question stopped me in my tracks a bit. I never thought I would write series books but somehow, someway, my muse decided to run with it and today, I have one series with another on the way.

What do I love about writing series books? The chance to revisit beloved characters, the chance to explore the world I created more and to see what else will come to the muse to write about. There is no one thing that draws me to series books but the chance to see what else I can explore is a certain draw in MHO. I love seeing where my imagination can take me-from shifters, dream walkers to demons and more. The sky is the limit in my eyes.

Devon Falls was my first series of novellas and one I am particularly proud of. Originally to be only two books, it morphed into more than ten books once I settled down and saw where the muse was going. I was flabbergasted-ten books! I almost fainted but with four founding families to cover, it added up. I currently have four of the books available at Aspen Mountain Press, with two more coming in 2010 (Moonlight & Magic and Yuletide Magic) then I am taking a break for the beginning of 2011 to concentrate on a new series I am creating then back to finish it off late 2011-early 2012. *wipes brow* that is a lot of books, if I say so myself.

Next up is a new series, one I am enjoying immensely. Club Fantasy is a paranormal BDSM club run by a half-demon of lust and his lover. I am aiming for this to be a trilogy at first but then we can see what happens after that. Who doesn’t love demons, romance, bdsm aspects? I know I do. *grins*

This isn’t to say I don’t enjoy writing non-series books. I currently have one out at Aspen Mountain Press called Fairy Kisses and Magical Dreams-about a Fae Prince searching for his mate except when he finds her, she is human and that is not allowed. Another is an upcoming paranormal romantic comedy called Falling to Pieces coming to The Wild Horse Press. A heroine finds herself saving the hero and in the process falling in love. Loads of laughs, fun and non-erotic as well. Something that I kicked around with a friend and it morphed into this one wild, zany ride.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for me. I have other ideas for books (Space pirates anyone?) and who knows, maybe they will morph into a series as well. In the meantime, I read some wonderful series from talented authors (Yasmine Galenorn, Deborah Cooke, Jenna Black, JD Robb, etc) and settle in for my own personal reading pleasure while I recharge the muse.

My questions to you- What series to do you enjoy reading and why? Are there any out there you want to recommend?

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Devon Falls 5: Moonlight & Magic coming October 15th, 2010 from Aspen Mountain Press.

Paranormal/Shifter Erotic Romance

Can a were-tiger convince one stubborn woman that she is his for all time and show her that falling in love is just as sinful as a chocolate kiss?


JOYE said...

I like to read series especially in the mystery genre. I like to see the growth of the main characters. In the romance genre, I like Stephanie Laurens Cynster series.

Jennifer Mathis said...

I just read the first 8 books in the Night creatures series By Lori Handeland and I did love them. Now I await book 9 . If you haven't read them and you like paranormal I suggest them

skyla11377 said...

I am actively in the middle of like 10 or more book series. I love series books because I get to know what happens to the character after they get the happy ending or I get to ride the long rollercoaster of will they or won't they get together. My favorite series are The Midnight Breed Series By Lara Adrian, The Black Dagger Brotherhood By J.R. Ward, The Georgina Kincaid Series By Richelle Mead, The Realm Immortal Series By Michelle M.Pillow, The Vampire Academy Series By Richelle Mead, The Morganville Vampire Series By Rachel Caine, The House Of Night By P.C. Cast And Kristin Cast, The Mortal Instruments Series By Cassandra Clare, The Twilight Saga By Stephanie Meyer, The Order of the Sicari Series by Monica Burns, The Unidentified Redhead Series By Alice Clayton, and The Blue Bloods By Melissa de la Cruz. They each bring a little bit something different to the table. Some are Adult books some are YA but they are all an enjoyable read. Theirs vampires, werewolves, succubus', faeries, nephilim's, humans with special abilities like telekinesis, humans who can tell you the history of an ancient relic, and so on. There is something for everyone's tastes and that what drew me to them. I am a lover of all types of books and these series keep me coming back for more everytime. I love them at times and I hate them at times but in the end I am always glad I got on the ride to begin with. I highly recommend them all. They truly are great in their own right.


Kari Thomas said...

Hi Raine!

Whoa---I can never decide WHICH one of your Book Covers I love best!! If someone saw your covers and didnt want to read the book ---Id be shocked! LOL!

I love Series! Its fun being able to visit with the characters of a story you loved. Sometimes it feels as though you just didnt get enough of what happened to the h/h and then seeing them appear in another book is great. Too, a continuing story/plot line always keeps my attention!

I love all the Plots on yours!! Unique and oh-so-yummy!!!

Raising my hand to be entered in the Contest!

Kari Thomas,

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a fantastic prize and very generous!!

I follow a few series.

J D Robb of course. Her In Death series are wonderful. Great characters. Who cannot fall in love with!!!

Then there's Terry Pratchett who writes about the Discworld. Fantasy with a lot of humour, I love it.

I also some other series, there are lots out there that are wonderful. I really like series, it's nice to meet with the characters you've learn to love again and again.

in Germany


I love so many different series. J. D. Robb, Christine Feehan, Sharon Sala, and many more.


Diana Ilinca said...

I just started a series by Aprilynne Pike. The first book is "Wings" and the second is "Spells." The third is coming out soon. All about faeries <3 it's YA but it's fun :) I'm a sucker for anything fantasy. The full blown stuff. Faeries, dragons, elves. The thing I love about series is that feeling of familiarity. It's like satisfying the "home sick" emotions I often get from books when I finish them. Like I wanna go back in that world/time.

Knicole said...

I love the Black Dagger Brother Hood Series by J.R. Ward. It's awesome one! I love reading series because it allows you to develop a relationship with the heros/heroines (it's a little one sided!) and when they do get there happy ending it means more!

kelly said...

I like vampire series. J.R. Ward has a good one.
The number of books in your series is mind-blowing.

Raine Delight said...

Thanks for entering and all your comments. There are some series you all mentioned that I definitely have to check out. :) See you are adding to my reading list now. lol

donnas said...

I love reading series. I always want to know what happens next or what happens to the other characters in the book. Series lets me find all that out. Some I enjoy re: In Death, Night Huntress, Last Stand, Black Ops, among many others.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Margaret West said...

I like most things paranormal. But I'd like to see more fey stories. They all seem to be vamps or werewolves at the minute. I like series books. They allow you to get swept away in the characters lives. You can build more of a connection with them.

Carol L. said...

I love series books. Going back to familiar characters and their families just makes you feel all the more closer to the beloved characters we hated leaving.
I love Stephanie Lauren's Cynster series
JD Robb's In Death Series-love Roarke
Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters
Karen Marie monings Highland series and her Fever series
JR Ward's BDB Series
Pamela Palmer's Feral Warriors
Just to name a few
Carol L.

Chris J. said...

Great question and I loved your blog. Your covers are Fabulous.
I love series because they tell an on going story and you really get to know the characters. It is a bit like making a new friend or visiting family. I can't wait for the next one to see what they have been up to. :)
As to recomendations, gees I read so many but here are a few:
Laurell K. Hamilton (the Anita Blakes & Merry Gentry ones)

JR Ward, the Black Dagger Brotherhood-gee's any of them are keepers.

Keri Arthur, the Riley Jenson series-sad to see that one ending

LL.Foster, her paranormal series-3 books, Gabby rocked

Thank you and have a Wonderful Day.

*yadkny* said...

Hi Raine,
I think your right when it comes to why I would read a series and that is the chance to revisit characters is a big appeal to me especially if I really liked the book. Space Pirates? Now that does sound interesting. My two personal long running series' are the Anita Blake series by L.K.H. and the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. There are of course a few others but those are my top 2 recommended reads.

*yadkny* said...

Oh and I almost forgot to add the Cat & Bones series by Jeaniene Frost, so make that my top 3 recommended reads.

Beth said...

I love series books. About 70% of the books I own and about 90% of what I currently buy are books in one series of another. My longest series that I read is over 20 books long with another one releasing later this month.
Have you tried Robin D. Owens Celta books? The ninth one just came out last week.
I actually have nine books on my print buy list for the month and they are all for one series or another. No telling on ebooks.

Brandlwyne aka Brandy B said...

Hi Raine!!! Good topic, most of the paranormal books i read are in a series but alot of the historicals I read are not in a series or atleast you can read them without having read the whole series cause they usually only have like brides or someother subject in common but they aren't related. I can't wait to read your books they looks really good!!!


Raine Delight said...

WINNER of my paranormal book goodie bag is......Kelly (marwhitpinky12...).

My kids drew your name out of the hat, Kelly. You have FIVE days to contact me at rainedelight @ yahoo dot com and get me your snail mail addy so I can send out your prize.

Thanks all for coming. Some great series books you mentioned and ones I either enjoy or added to check out. :)

Raine D.