Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PERFECT SCORE by Susan Roebeck

Publisher: Awe-Struck Publishing
Date published: September 2010
ISBN: 978-1-58749-166-5
M/M Contemporary
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Author

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! Alex Finch is rich, careless with feelings and is a talented singer-songwriter. He had two goals in his life growing up-to be a professional rock star and to have Sam Barrowdale love him. Sam Barrowdale is determined to just get enough money for his sister and to leave town. Sam has a secret he is determined to hide at all costs. When Sam disappears, Alex tries to find him, determined to show this young man how much he means to Alex. What Alex finds on this journey is mystery, secrets and more. Will Alex survive to find the answers he is looking for? Will his love for Sam overcome even Sam’s hesitation?

I have to admit, PERFECT SCORE is pure perfection in my mind. It has complex and flawed main characters, secrets, mystery and more all within the pages of this enjoyable book. Ms. Roebuck is a wonderful storyteller who knows how to strike the right note in creating sympathetic characters-not too whiny, not too annoying. I loved how the little twists and turns had me eager to see what would happen next and this author did not disappoint either. Will Alex get to the bottom of Sam’s disappearance? Can Sam trust him enough to hold not just his heart but also his secrets? Those questions and more are asked then answered in PERFECT SCORE. Tight writing, fast paced storyline and some amazingly life-like characters help keep the reader engaged and eager to see where the story will lead them. This is the first book from this author and I am eager to see what else she may have.

Ms. Roebeck created two very intriguing main characters in Sam and Alex. They had flaws, vulnerabilities and touched my heart with their way of keeping their true selves hidden from everyone, including the ones they loved. This is an author who knows her characters inside and out and keeps the tension on full throttle until the climatic ending. Secondary characters keep the story flowing smoothly and at a nice pace.

PERFECT SCORE is the perfect book to read on a cold winter’s night, especially if you love tortured characters, mystery, secrets and a passion that will not be denied. If you enjoy a suspense filled story, then I highly recommend PERFECT SCORE to enjoy.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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Sue Roebuck said...

Thank you Dawn - that's a great review. You really got into the "core" of the story.