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Sons of the Zodiac, Book 2
Publisher: Signet Publishing
Date Published: September 2010
ISBN: 9780451231079
Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Tammy
Obtained via: Publisher

The second book in Addison Fox’ Sons of the Zodiac series, WARRIOR AVENGED, is the thorny and passionate story of Scorpion Kane Montague and the Goddess Nemesis (aka Ilsa). When Zeus turns against the nymph that raised him and curses her to a life alone in the cave where he grew up, she wants vengeance. Then Hades, Zeus’ brother, offers her freedom if she works for him and becomes Nemesis, the Goddess of Devine Retribution.

As the years pass, Nemesis performs her job well, but secretly yearns for the life she never had and so became Ilsa when she met Kane in the first book in the Sons of the Zodiac series. Kane is an immortal warrior for Themis, the Goddess of Justice. Along with the scorpion that is a part of him and fights by his side, Kane was an assassin for MI-6 until a woman he became close to burned him. Now their paths are crossing once again and the chemistry between Ilsa and Kane is more explosive than ever. If only he could trust her.

Addison Fox has recreated the Gods of Olympus and with WARRIOR AVENGED, she showcases those in service to the Gods as strong warriors, powerful heroines and pawns in the twisted games of the Gods. Ilsa has had a difficult life of service and her reward was to be cursed by the very person who should have been most grateful. Now, after years and years of seeking vengeance in service to Hades, she finds that she wants more from her life. In Kane, Scorpio Warrior, she sees a man who both needs her help and offers that which she craves most, someone to love her.

The lesser characters, Kane’s warrior brothers and the various Gods and Goddesses, give this love story a magical setting and grand stage for it to bloom. The story is interesting and shows a very different side to the Gods than is normally depicted. Hades is a kind and compassionate ruler of the underworld and Zeus is now less of the standard all-seeing and powerful leader. Not to disappoint however, the many twists and turns to the storyline are very much in keeping with the customary game playing stories of the Gods.

The one problem area this reader noticed was with the pace of the story. There are some books that you really have a hard time putting down. This was not one of those books. Perhaps it was because the actions of the lead characters were somewhat predictable or perhaps because the Gods themselves simply didn’t interfere enough in the storyline, but for some reason this story just wasn’t as memorable or as fixating as some this reader has enjoyed.

However, for those that enjoy a little Greek myth thrown in with their romance, WARRIOR AVENGED will be an interesting and unusual take on the Gods and those that have become entwined with them.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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