Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Publisher: Amber Allure/Amber Quill Press
Date published: May 17th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-61124-959-0
M/M Contemporary/Paranormal
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Gift

Ever Beleno is a collector of old Hollywood items from those glamour days gone by and mummies. When he gets the chance to go to the exhibit-even if it was with cute but obnoxious Chris Coelho-he is thrilled. Well until, while at the exhibit, he keeps feeling someone touching him and Ever is confused about if it is Chris or not. Ever has no idea what to make of Chris who can be annoying one minute and so sweet the next. If he didn’t know better, he could have sworn Chris is possessed but that doesn’t happen in today’s world…right? Disappearing mummies, wacky family, weird moments with Chris…Ever is about to find out that Chris is the perfect man for him even if he claims to be THE LOVE GOD OF INDIAN FRYBREAD.

I love AJ Llewellyn’s work and his latest book, THE LOVE GOD OF INDIAN FRYBREAD, is just as wonderful as the rest of this author’s backlist. You have humor, sexy scenes, mystery and romance all wrapped up in a pretty bow. The writing is tight, story flowed at a nice even pace and the sex scenes run the gauntlet of hot and steamy to sweet and romantic. AJ Llewellyn is a talented writer who makes every story come alive with a lush setting like the glamour of Hollywood in this latest book and add in some of the wildest cast of characters, even I was charmed by it all.

Meet Ever Beleno. He loves mummies and collecting Hollywood Memorabilia with his friend Johnny. He is content with his life even as he tries to pick up the pieces after the bad break up between him and his ex a few years before. His life is safe if a bit dark and gloomy. Agreeing to go to the hottest exhibit in town, Mummies of the World, with Chris, Ever finds life is about to get a bit more interesting and decidedly weird…well weird for Hollywood anyways. I have got to admit, Ever grew on me after the first chapter. I fell for this wonderful man who was actually very nice…maybe too nice sometimes. He was a well rounded character who I could relate to and enjoy reading about. With a cast of characters that were eclectic and enjoyable, Mr. Llewellyn delivers a book so unique and enjoyable I had a hard time putting it down.

THE LOVE GOD OF INDIAN FRYBREAD is one story that stays with you long after the book ends. It is a story that had me smiling throughout and at times, laughing hysterically from the way the characters reacted to something. I absolutely could picture all this happening in real life somewhere. Mr. Llewellyn is fast becoming one of my favorite authors to read and if you are looking for a fun and highly addictive author to enjoy, I highly recommend this author’s entire backlist. I know I am going to be checking out more books by him to enjoy this summer. THE LOVE GOD OF INDIAN FRYBREAD is a quick summer treat to enjoy on a warm afternoon & one I plan to read again soon.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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