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PRAY FOR DAWN by Jocelynn Drake

The Fourth Dark Days Novel
EOS/Harper Collins
June 29th, 2010
Urban Fantasy
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher


Mira is dealing with issues from her past as the dreaded Naturi have broken their chains and have vowed revenge against the nightwalkers and the world. In order to defeat the ghosts of Mira’s past and get ready for the final battle with the Naturi, Mira and vampire slayer Danaus must band together and trust one another. For Danaus has also another fight on his hands as the woman he loves slowly goes mad and the bori try to gain his soul. Its one step closer for these two and it will take everything they have inside them to win this battle.

With this fourth book in the Dark Days series, we get Danaus as the narrator and the story weaves its way around you. Though at times the repetitiveness does get annoying, you find yourself drawn into the story where the one person who can save the world is also slowly going insane. It is a story that leaves you breathless from start to finish. The point of view in the first three books was by Mira which was a fun way to get to know her but this time we get Danaus’ as a narrator. It does work though you need to keep reading in order to get to the good spots, which in my opinion is most of the book. I do have to stress that though each book is a stand alone story it is better to read them in order to get the full effect of the series storyline arc.

PRAY FOR DAWN moves the storyline along okay but nothing major was introduced except maybe a new villain though it felt like it was just by rote. You know drop a villain here, push the story along there and hopefully get to the end where we can get to an ending that may confuse some readers. I enjoyed the first three books in Ms. Drake’s Dark Days series but felt a little let down by this one. Though the storyline delivers, at times, that pulse pounding action we grew to love in the first three books, this fourth one didn’t quite make the grade for me. Though we get a different point of view for this book, it felt a bit off as well, like the author was just counting down for the final two books. Overall, PRAY FOR DAWN delivers most of the time though it does misfire at times. Overall, this may be the weakest book in the series but as a whole it still delivers some amazing moments for readers to enjoy.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement


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