Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BLIND FAITH by Brannan Black

A Wolfman Tale Series, Book Three
Changeling Press
January 18th, 2013
BIN#: 06169-01981
Futuristic, Wildest West, Bisexual, Ménage (M/M/F) Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Forced to live among the humans, Mei and her two wolfman mates, Jay and Derek, is hard especially when they don’t trust you and there are some who just want to kill all the wolfmen. But when Mei, Jay and Derek help the compound out and show the humans where they are vulnerable in their security, something happens that could get Mei’s wolfman mates killed unless they can figure out who is causing dissension among the humans and their guests.

I absolutely adore this author’s wolfman series and BLIND FAITH is the third book in her spin-off, A Wolfman Tale. This follows Mei, a blind human girl and her two wolfman mates, Jay and Derek. There is a deep connection between these three and I got to admit, lots of sparks as well. The sex scenes are scorching hot so make sure to have a bucket of ice or your honey nearby to cool you down. I mean the sexy wolfman are super hot and their care and love for Mei is a heart stealer even as these three keep the lust on high at times. I know I had to put the book down in order to cool myself down by running outside quickly. The writing is tight, story moves at a nice pace and the characters are quite diverse as well as complex creatures. I loved that about this series. Mei may look sweet and submissive but she can be quite a feisty one when it comes to her men. The author really knows the characters and lets them tell their story their way and I think it works perfectly.

The author delivers a wonderful addition to her wolfman series and I loved meeting my favorite people again plus my favorite couple in the original wolfman series drops in to help move the story along nicely. If you haven’t picked up any of the Wolfman series books, you need to get them fast. Brannan Black is a wonderful storyteller who knows how to keep their readers glued to the pages until the very end. I do recommend reading the first two books in the The Wolfman Tales in order so you can see how Mei met Derek and Jay plus what caused them to live with the humans. If you enjoy a rollicking good time in a book then I recommend Brannan Black’s Wolfman Tales series. I am hoping the author continues with this series and gives us more sexy, alpha wolfman to discover.

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