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In Death Series, Book Thirty-six
February 26th, 2013
Romantic Suspense, thriller/mystery
Reviewed by Dawn (
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When Lt. Eve Dallas is called to a scene one winter night, she finds a scene that looks like a simple mugging go bad. But Eve knows there is something more to the death of Marta Dickenson than even Eve imagines. This time she needs to wade into the world of corporate finance and she has her sexy husband, Roarke to guide her even as the killer gets bolder. Can Eve find a way to get the killer behind bars and the case solved before she finds herself in the crosshairs and next to be taken down?

When you have thirty-six novels in a series, you would think the stories coming would be dull and pretty half-heartedly done but that is not the case with J.D. Robb’s latest installment in the critically acclaimed In Death series. This time Lieutenant Eve Dallas has to solve a murder that is just the tip of an iceberg especially when she has to wade through the world of corporate finances and rich family money. This is a master storyteller at work when ever you open one of the In Death books. I always enjoy this author’s stories in the series and CALCULATED IN DEATH was no exception. The story starts off slow so be warned it takes a bit of time for the real meat of the story to get there. Stay with it and you will find yourself glued to the pages before long, like I did. I couldn’t put the book down; even to sleep a few nights as I needed to see what happens next. This series is like eating just one potato chip. You can’t have just one, you need to eat more and that is no exception for this one. This is an author who knows her world, her characters and the storylines are always so intriguing that the reader never gets bored by them all.

CALCULATED IN DEATH is a wild ride from start to finish and I wanted to read more after that last page was turned. The world building in this series is amazing. I am actually in awe of the author for keeping all the details together and the reader gets to see Eve slightly out of her depth in the world her husband lives and breathes. The way these characters grow, it is a joy to see. Each book, the reader sees a new dynamic or strength in the bond between them, either with Eve and Roarke personally or with their friends and co-workers. This is an author who lets her characters shine and shine they do. Ms. Robb has a wonderful way of engaging her readers with her books and you can’t help but fall under that spell.  CALCULATED IN DEATH may not be as emotionally charged as her past books were but it doesn’t lessen the enjoyment in her latest addition. The reader will enjoy the byplay between Eve, Roarke, Peabody and other secondary characters that we have all grown to love. With some surprising twists and a few plot points that the reader may unravel before the story, Ms. Robb delivers a satisfying read in her In Death series. Now if only I can wait for the next book…

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