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Carina Press
March 19th, 2012
Contemporary M/M Romance
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Derrick and Trevor remember when their passion sizzled in and out of the bedroom but after years of parenting their son and having vanilla sex, they both find they miss that sizzle they got whenever either looked at the other. Now that their son is gone to college, can Derrick and Trevor recapture their passion or will it be a fond memory?

This was an interesting story of a long term couple who finds the passion and sizzle they used to have has grown dimmer and dimmer in their bedroom. This was the first time I read one of this author’s stories and FIRST TIME, FOREVER is a sweet story of two people learning to reconnect with one another after their last child is off to college. This is definitely a character driven storyline and the two main characters, Derrick and Trevor, were enjoyable if at times a wee bit predictable. At times their actions and reactions to one another were humorous as well as sweet. I really liked how an established older couple related to their own empty nest and the issues of getting older as well were written rather nicely and worked perfectly in FIRST TIME, FOREVER.

Meet Derrick and Trevor. A long term couple who has had years of having vanilla sex in place of the red hot passion they used to share early in their relationship. But when their son leaves for college, both think this is perfect to get that much needed spark back. Except for misunderstandings, miscommunications and more seem to screw it up time and again. Can these two fix what issues lay between them even as they feel their connection grow weaker? I loved the in-depth look into their relationship. This author does a nice job in creating two intriguing characters that need a bigger book, in my opinion. Derrick and Trevor are enjoyable, relatable and can be downright humorous at times. And man, their passion when it comes back roaring is scorching hot. There is one scene with a red couch that will singe your fingertips.

FIRST TIME, FOREVER is a story of recapturing passion in a long term relationship that has gone complacent and comfortable to one that fairly sizzles again. KC Burn is a talented writer and one I look to read more from. If you enjoy a short novella that is about established couple refinding their passion then try FIRST TIME, FOREVER and settle in one chilly afternoon for a few hours of reading pleasure.

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