Wednesday, July 17, 2013

BIG SKY SUMMER by Linda Lael Miller

Publisher:   Harlequin
Date published:   May 28, 2013
ISBN:  978-0373777655
Genre:   Contemporary Romance
Book format: Paperback
Obtained via:  Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina

Despite standing up for his closest friends as they enter the marital state, Walker Parrish has no desire to venture there himself. It’s not that he hasn’t found himself attracted to any number of women—it’s just that there’s one who he never quite got out of his heart. He’s filled his life with breeding rodeo broncos and looking out for his sister, Brylee. And when one particular woman allows – he spends time with her and her children.

Casey Elder has it all—as a top country western singer she has fame, fortune and fans. She also has two children that she wants to have a stable home life. To give them that life she sets up housekeeping in Parable, Montana. As Casey is swept into life in the close knit Montana town she finds there is much more to life than fame and fortune.  Close friendships form with Kendra, Jocelyn and Tara and her children settle into the pace of the town. And Casey finds she can give back to the community in little ways—as well as more momentous ones that save a life.

But Casey has a secret and so does Walker. It is s a secret that can either tear the two apart or bring them together. Can a love that started our fragile survive itself? Especially when neither party is ready to take a chance?

I love a good western romance and Linda Lael Miller is a good part of why I enjoy them so much.  Her characters are interesting with a full range of emotions. They are fully drawn and complex yet not hard to follow—even in a book with couples and their children coming and going. She creates towns like Parable Montana that are the kind of place you’d like to live in yourself.  In her latest book, BIG SKY SUMMER,  book four of the Parable, Montana, series, she takes her readers into the world of rodeos and country western music and the fears and joys both professions can bring. The relationship between Casey and Walker and how they dance around their feelings for each other is well done. And it’s not just about them as a couple, but how they relate to their friends and families.

I’m not a big fan of books with “cute” children.  The children and young adults in BIG SKY SUMMER are realistic and as multi-layered as the adults in the story.  And one thing I really like about her books is the inclusion of dogs and cats and having them find happy forever homes.  I have to admit Doolittle stole my heart from the moment he appeared on the pages and he added so much great dimension to Walker. 

I’ve read all of the Parable, Montana books and this is one series I truly hope continues beyond what Brylee’s upcoming story. Ms. Miller’s characters are the kind that feel like friends who you will miss when they are gone.

Each book in this series is a standalone and can be read without having read the others but if you did, you’d be missing out on some fantastic reads.

I can’t wait for BIG SKY WEDDING coming this August.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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