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FALLEN IN LOVE by Lauren Kate

A Fallen Novel in Stories
Delacorte Press
December 26th, 2012
Young Adult Paranormal Series
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Love in many forms with a twist of fate thrown in to keep things interesting. In this in-between story, four wonderful love stories are played out amid the pages over a course of a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day. Can these four couples find their way to their heart’s desires? Four stories, four couples to fall in love with.

I haven’t really read the Fallen series by this author though it is on my tbr list at Amazon. The stories are short but give enough meat so to speak in the story that you don’t think you are reading novella length stories instead of full length novels. Ms. Kate delivers a wonderful stand alone book packed with intriguing characters and fast paced stories to enjoy anytime of the year. The writing is tight, story moves at a nice even pace and the characters are very well written. Sometimes you get a hit or miss when you read a single author anthology set in a series and FALLEN IN LOVE is a rare exception to that.

Here we follow four people/couples on a specific date-Valentine’s Day in medieval England. Mike and Shelby find out that love can come at the most inopportune time. Roland learns an important lesson in loving and losing love. Arriane discovers the price of love isn’t with hearts and fires and someone always gets burned. Finally the last story is about Daniel and Luce as they spend a night together they can never capture again. Each story melds seamlessly into the next one perfectly. You never get that disconnect as you start the next story. It all blends perfectly together and amped up my enjoyment of this book as well as the stories.

Each story delivers into some aspect of love-painful, love lost, forbidden love, etc. Ms. Kate is a wonderful author who knows how to balance perfectly all the elements of the story perfectly without making one or more stories fall flat on their face. Each story is entertaining and as a whole, FALLEN IN LOVE is a perfect introduction into the Fallen series world. This anthology of sorts can be read as a stand a lone but I think it works better if you read the Fallen series in order then this one. You might get a better sense of all the characters in this novel better, especially as these stories are centered around some secondary characters of the Fallen world.

FALLEN IN LOVE is a perfect compliment to the Fallen world that Ms. Kate has created and kept me glued to the pages till the very last page was read. I highly enjoyed it and if you enjoy a paranormal/historical romance then you might enjoy trying this one out. I moved this series to the top of my reading list after finishing this book. I can’t wait to see where Ms. Kate goes with this exciting series.

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